Are You and Your Home Protected from the Elements?


Florida homes are meant to be enjoyed, inside and out, year round. Built with large lanai areas, porches, sunrooms, and a multitude of windows you can’t help soaking up the sun and sea air. The problem is, this natural beauty also comes with often times lack of shade, bugs and with our summer storms, wind blowing leaves and debris right in.


The answer is to have your home SuperScreened. Take these formerly open air areas and give yourself the versatility and option of enclosing at the push of a button with flush mounted retractable screens. They are custom fit to go over any opening to your home, from window screens to door coverings, garages, Roman archways, verandas, lanais, porches, even French double doors. Everything can be tinted or matched to the color of your choice or even add photo-realistic artwork for a creative flair.

SuperScreen is aptly named and far superior to traditional metal mesh screening which can rip, tear, fade and puncture very easily, needing cleaning and replacement often. SuperScreen is mildew resistant, puncture resistant, fire retardant, and has a ten-year limited warranty.

It can keep out the bugs so you can enjoy your time spent relaxing and entertaining and save you the trouble of constantly sweeping up. Additionally, these wonderful screens also help provide protection from the sun by way of shade filtering.


All screens retract into a slim housing which is mounted above or just under the openings when retrofitted and in new construction can be hidden completely. Unlike traditional caging, these will not see damage during storms.


If you have a home or are building in the Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie or Indian River Counties and are considering screening of any kind, give us a call at East Coast Electric Screening today at 1-888-41SCREEN. We look forward to working with you!